Writing Workshops

Three Free Writing Workshops at the Berry Fleming Book Festival on Sept. 23

10:00 a.m.  

 Finding a Voice: Your Own and Your Characters (Nonfiction and Fiction and even Poetry)

Veracity for the reader often starts with voice. But how do you develop your own and your characters’ voices, especially if those characters are very different from you? This craft talk will explore these questions regarding voice, along with stories, advice, and discussion.

Noon: Pig’s feet, Chewed-up ears and Moonshine Fingers: 

A non-fiction workshop on finding story in daily encounters with common people. Learn interviewing techniques that can strengthen your writing and build your voice. Discover how cultivating a listening ear can create strong, dynamic and accurate dialogue and how such dialogue builds storytelling.  Led by Karen Spears Zacharias

1 p.m. So You Want to Write a Young Adult Novel

What differentiates young-adult fiction from adult or tween fiction? Christine Hurley Deriso, who has written contemporary fiction for all three genres, will discuss nuances in plots, pacing, characters and dialogue that resonate with high school and college-age readers.