Starkey Flythe Jr. Poetry Prize

In honor of Starkey Flythe Jr.’s commitment to poetry in the CSRA and the surrounding region
$500 will be awarded as first prize and $250 to the runner-up in a contest honoring his memory.
Writers must live in Georgia or South Carolina. Deadline: July 31, 2017. Submit contest entries to
SUBMIT by sending up to 3 unpublished poems in PDF attachment, each poem a separate attachment, one poem per page no more than 30 lines. Please use single space and 11-12 point font only, NTR or Ariel. There is no entry fee.
Your name or any other identifying information must not appear in the poems. Please include a cover letter with the titles of the poems you are submitting and your preferred contact information in the body of the email. Final judging is blind. The winner and runner-up will be announced September 23, 2017 at The Berry Fleming Poetry Festival. These poems will be published on the festival website.

Please submit your work for the Starkey Flythe Jr. Prize in required format to:

Stephen Corey, editor of The Georgia Review, author of a new prose collection, four poetry collections and six chapbooks will present a prize of $500 and runner up award of $250 for the winning poems. The poems will be read at The Berry Fleming Book Festival in its Tribute To Starkey Flythe and will be published on its website. There is no entry fee.