Pubg– How To Shoot Properly?

Pubg game is basically all about survival and the players are required to be familiar with the shooting. The last remained player get the chicken dinner, but this is not possible without shooting the other players of battle. If you don’t know the exact way to aim the target then this is the right place. Now I am going to describe some tactics, which will help in shooting better.



  • The players should not rush in the battle. In fact, they should hold the place by which they can easily stay away from the fights. Generally, players only focus on killing, but they should also pay proper attention for better survival. So, you should only take the fight in which you are sure about winning.
  • Don’t shoot unnecessary because it is just wastage of time and also makes you unable to concentrate properly. While you are having shotgun or sniper rifle, it is advised to wait for the perfect time for shoot. Most of the times, players waste the weapon by using unnecessary. However, you should always wait and then aim properly.
  • There are also some automatic weapons, and the players can select the option of such weapons. If you are willing to kill the enemies fast then these weapons will be the ideal choice. In addition to this, the players should also be careful while using fully automatic weapons.

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