Round rug – best places to put it on

The Round rug is often smaller than the rectangular rugs, but they can be useful that blends a room together or sometimes fit a single room to the rest of the house. When it comes to decorating a home or business, round rugs may not be a thing that comes to mind, but they can be of help filling the awkward floor spaces which otherwise may stand out against the uncertainty of the rest of your place. There are two types of round rugs, a circular one, and an oval type. While few prefer circle rugs, it is often that the space you want to fill is better to get along with an oval rug instead. Styles may differ, but a large quantity of the round rugs you will find use traditional patterns, as opposed to modern rugs that use more strong colors and themes.

It is not advisable for the Round rug to be used as an outside doormat where your guests frequently wipe off their shoes, these rugs will provide a soft step into your home especially in entrance area after the guest has finished cleaning their shoes on an on the doormat outside your house. Placing your round rugs at the entrance area is pretty useful as you can ask your guests to take off their shoes.


Placing it underneath an antique side table or nightstand provides an accent to your house, circular rugs can be a good visual appeal to your living room, provided with a beautiful recliner, a round rug can also be placed under it as a pad which keeps your toes from hitting a cold floor. Small dining tables are good for large round rugs. However, keep in mind that you must place all furniture on top of your rugs even if the furniture is movable, this will help prolong the life of both small and large area rugs.